Aging Investor is a professional team of experts with extensive healthcare, elder law, and psychology experience dedicated to helping you, the financial professional with best practices for solving your thorniest aging investor problems.

Books and Practical Advisor Tools

Get more expertise so you can take the right action with age-impaired clients

Courses - Convenient Accredited CE

6 downloadable CFP Board approved courses to build your aging expertise with clients and families

Speakers: Engaging Aging Experts

Live presentations, consulting and corporate training to implement regulatory urgings to keep aging clients financially safer

Checklist: Ten Red Flags of Diminished Capacity

Know just what to watch for and document. Get your free checklist here.

Carolyn Rosenblatt, RN and elder law attorney, together with her partner and husband, geriatric psychologist, Dr. Mikol Davis founded to offer aging expertise to financial professionals in all settings. “The Silver Tsunami” is upon us. We are dedicated to helping you quickly develop the skills you need to meet the challenge of our society’s longevity and risks in your own clients.

At we help you, the financial professional navigate delicate situations that come with serving aging clients.

We offer you answers to those thorny capacity questions, presentations, comprehensive training and toolkits, checklists, help with difficult conversations, CE online accredited courses, consulting packages and practical books.

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