By Carolyn Rosenblatt, R.N., Elder Law Attorney & Dr. Mikol Davis, Gerontologist

This book grew out of our distress at seeing the increasing need for financial professionals to do what is right for their clients as they age. We found that many are lacking the practical knowledge of the true costs of future care. It is imperative for you to understand the difference between "average out of pocket medical costs" and the costs of long-term care which vastly differ. In this book, we reveal the hidden costs of longevity that every advisor must know to be effective in retirement planning. 

Hidden Truths About Retirement & Long Term Care: The Financial Advisors' Guide

Are you a financial professional working with aging clients and helping them plan for retirement? Have you ever felt uncomfortable discussing long-term care with them? 

Do you feel prepared to discuss the current available options? This book contains all the answers you need.

Carolyn Rosenblatt, R.N., Elder Law Attorney and co-author Dr. Mikol Davis, Geriatric Psychologist, are experts and thought leaders in how aging affects financial services clients. This team brings extensive experience from nursing, law and psychology to help you become more expert in knowing the current real costs for long-term care.

Both authors have many years of first hand field experience to inform their writing. This has included observation of the shock and hardship that follow a lack of good financial planning about long-term care. Seize the opportunity to learn so that you can add true value to your client's retirement planning. 



Hidden Truths About Retirement & Long Term Care, The Financial Advisors' Guide is your quintessential how-to book on everything related to long-term care planning for aging clients.

Why Wait? Get Your Copy Today!

Don't hesitate to get this important resource into your arsenal today. You'll gain valuable and crucial insight which will help you help your client's more effectively with long-term care planning.


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