Danger! Your Client Has Serious Memory Problems

Have you ever found yourself in a situation with an older client who can't seem to remember anything any more? You may have known the client over a number of years and feel responsible. But you are at a loss now. What are you supposed to do with this client? She's...

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Smart Retiree’s 10 Point Checklist

You're in the planning business. You look ahead, analyze, budget and calculate. But your clients may not be on the same page in your view of the future, especially when they retire. They are busy being in denial that they may ever get ill and die. You can help them....

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The Hidden Truth About Adult Protective Services

In all the proposed rules by FINRA and the SEC to address financial exploitation of seniors, advisors are urged to report suspected abuse to the local Adult Protective Services or to call the police. Unfortunately that is not always a solution. There seems to be a...

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