Senior Policy Development Kit

Ten Step Senior Policy Initiator For Protecting Aging Investors

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This is the financial professional’s clear and straightforward map to empower you to quickly and efficiently create a new senior-specific policy.

This is important because of the avalanche of aging clients everyone encounters  as our population ages. The SEC wants you to create senior policies. FINRA also urges this.  You do not need to wait for them to make this mandatory.  You can be forward thinking right now!

You are probably seeing some aging clients in your work now. If not, you will soon.  Longevity is greater than ever in history and it is creating pressure to address such issues as diminished capacity, memory loss and dementia as never before. If you have no policy, you can feel lost or make dangerous mistakes that could leave you vulnerable to prosecution by regulators or client heirs.

The Ten Step Program Initiator will efficiently enable you to:

-Define your goal for your policy
-Create the right team to build your policy
-Give you the right steps
-Manage the sticky issue of client privacy and give you the exact tool you need to resolve the issue of  privacy versus client protection
-Standardize the red flags you need to watch for with aging clients and show  you how to respond systematically
-Give you an alternative to protect both yourself and your organization if a resistant client refuses to sign the tool you offer to resolve the question of contacting a third party
-Create a specific response to suspected financial elder abuse from outside your organization
-Give you steps to follow to root out financial abuse by any bad apple within your own organization

Trying to create a senior-specific policy without aging experts is short sighted and likely to omit essential information you absolutely need to have.  We offer you that expertise int the interest of protecting you as well as your vulnerable aging clients.
Together, we can keep elders safer and together we can stop financial abuse.

Ten Step Program Initiator For Protecting Aging Investors is available for purchase for $995.

This Ten Step Program Initiator includes a personally signed copy of “The Family Guide To Aging Parents, Answers To Your Legal, Financial, and Healthcare Questions,” by Carolyn Rosenblatt.  Your purchase also the one hour webinar “Best practice for managing clients with diminished capacity.”

This product is for single license users only. For commercial or industrial multi-user licenses, please contact us directly at 1-844-315-4464

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