Attention  Financial Advisors: you may already have an average of 7 age-impaired clients.
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 Get confidence and skill in managing every aging client no matter what the issues may be. 10,000 people a day turn 70. Longevity is increasing. Do you have a plan? You, the financial advisor must be prepared for "the silver tsunami" to effectively manage your senior clients.  Get your answers straight from the aging experts, Carolyn Rosenblatt, a nurse-elder law attorney and Dr. Mikol Davis, geriatric psychologist, your authors.

The authors

What Advisors Are Saying:

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    Michael H. Zaidlin, J.D., AIF®

    CEO, Madrone Investment Advisory, LLC.

    Carolyn Rosenblatt and Dr. Mikol Davis have worked with the elderly for decades, and their new book, “Succeed with Senior Clients” will help all financial professionals become more familiar with the symptoms of decreased mental functioning, the signs of potential elder abuse, and the steps they can take to protect elderly clients. More than ever, financial professionals should not only be acting as fiduciaries when it comes to their elderly clients, but are often uniquely situated to recognize the threats posed by their elderly client’s vulnerabilities.  This book will help them to do so.

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    James Daley, CFP. Financial Advisor


    After nearly 30 years in the industry and working with many retirees, I didn’t realize how myopic my outlook was, having been largely influenced by the firms interest. This book was insightful not only in how I look at my practice, but also my peers. And it has helped me plan the future of my practice by identifying the warning signs of cognitive impairment, as well the importance of having relationships with the next generation of my clients. This was a quick read and well worth my time.

  • Scott Nelson, CFA, CFP® Financial Advisor

    Along the lines of keeping seniors safe, I have found some good information in the book Succeed With Senior Clients: A Financial Advisor’s Guide To Best Practices by Elder Law Attorney Carolyn Rosenblatt and Psychologist Dr. Mikol Davis.  The authors recommend that advisors develop a series of best practices and checklists to better serve their aging clients as well as protect themselves from potential liability.  The takeaway I got from the book was the authors’ recommendation to segregate clients over age 65 and create a service model that focuses on their needs.   This service structure would involve more frequent meetings and communications with senior clients to stay on top of their physical and mental health.  Segregation would also serve as a reminder to office staff to be more attentive in conversations with senior clients for signs of decline in physical and mental health and to keep advisors abreast of these interactions.  The authors provide several checklists for warning signs of diminished capacity, signs of elder abuse, and steps to take to create a senior-centric service model.

What’s The Book About?

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6 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Spotting aging client red flags and how to take effective action
  2. Understanding the complex components of financial capacity
  3. Practical steps to take if you suspect elder financial abuse
  4. Solving the unique communication challenges with elders
  5. Pre-emptively addressing frequent aging client problems
  6. Protecting advisors themselves who have diminished capacity

About The Authors

Carolyn Rosenblatt and Dr. Mikol Davis have dedaces of combined hands-on clinical experience with aging clients and serve as subject matter experts on aging through working with families, consulting educating and training professionals.


Ms. Rosenblatt has 10 years of nursing and 27 years of litigation experience as well as 10 years of experience in helping clients resolve issues about aging family members. She is the author of The Family Guide to Aging Parents: Answers to Your Legal, Healthcare and Financial Questions (2015) and Working With Aging Clients:A Guide for Legal, Business and Financial Professionals(2015) published by the American Bar Assn. She blogs at, Aging Parents, &

Dr. Davis has over 44 years of direct clinical experience in working with mental health issues. He focuses on geriatric psychology, providing assessment for cognitive impairment and dementia and specifically financial capacity. He offers support and help to aging clients as well as their family members. He and Ms. Rosenblatt offer education and training to those in financial services so they can best serve their older clients.The authors are founders of


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