Our Services

We offer:
Consultations with you, as an independent, or your organization or group
  •   Meet with you via Skype or in person for answering your most pressing senior investor questions
  •   Initiate a plan for your firm or office to create a program in compliance with what regulators want you do do for all your aging investors
  •   Offer you help to get started with addressing the needs of clients with diminished capacity
  •   Give you the nuts and bolts of success with intergenerational wealth transfers:  we teach you client and family communication, resolving family disputes, expanding the financial professional’s role
Training you and/or your organization for
  •   Practical application of solutions to the problems senior investors have, particularly with diminished capacity, dementia and memory issues
  •   Practice in dealing with difficult aging client situations:  mock client interviews, role play, client communication specifics
Presentations and keynote speaking at your events
  • Subject matter experts on aging issues affecting financial and other professionals
  • We have addressed these subjects at convention presentations, webinars and special events:  The Silver Tsunami: Managing Aging Clients With Diminished Capacity, What You Can Do About Financial Elder Abuse, The Cutting Edge:  Advisors Best Practices With Cognitively Impaired Clients, Ethical Issues With Elder Abuse and many more.

Ongoing Programs For Advisor and Client Education

  • Monthly programs either recorded or live on practical approaches to aging client problems-the “how to’s” of managing real time issues
  • Client education programs: retirement, cost of care as we age, maintaining mental wellness, addressing family issues about aging loved ones, how to talk to aging parents about finances, and when it is time for the patriarch or matriarch to give up control over finances


We competently address many subjects including:
  •  Financial advisors and aging clients with dementia: what should be your policy?
  •  Cognitively impaired clients and privacy:  is there a compliant solution to the issue?
  •  Communication skills in working with your aging clients’ families
  •  Improving your success with intergenerational wealth transfers and client retention after transfer
  •  How to manage difficult, cognitively impaired clients who are still making financial decisions
  • Your ethical responsibilities in protecting aging clients who are vulnerable to abuse
  • How to get past your own barriers,  “I just manage the money” with your aging clients
Online Courses, customized or pre-recorded for you/your organization.  Q & A included  (Pre-recorded, CFP Board accredited CE courses now available on our website at your convenience). 
Instructor led training workshops (ILT)- customized for your specific issues
Web-based instruction, constructed and designed with your preferred content.  Interactive or non-interactive custom designs available. Work with us to develop your instructional design at your discretion or use our contracted designer for excellent results.
Policy Development Kits:  get senior-specific policies in place with your “Policy in a Box” guidance. Step-by-step instruction, general parameters of a good policy, sample documents, and much more will help you get up and running.  Best use is when combined with a consultation to help you implement what you develop for yourself or your organization.
We NEVER give you dull, stilted presentations read from word-heavy power-point slides.  Instead, two of us offer you a lively, back and forth with two perspectives, based on our unique combination of healthcare (cognitive impairment), legal and mental health expertise in aging issues.

Services are fee based, by the half day or full day, as well as weekend workshops.  Speaking events may be an exchange for our exposure, publicity and marketing, rather than fee based, depending on audience size and scope.  Non-fee speaking engagements are all expenses paid for travel, accommodations and incidentals.
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