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Dr Mikol Davis and Carolyn RosenblattWe can be contacted toll free at 844-315-4464.

Dr. Mikol Davis, Ed.D, is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in geriatrics and the emotional challenges of aging. He has been a mental health provider for 44 years.  He has worked with individuals and families of all kinds, and all ages. These days, he focuses on working with clients and their families on age related difficulties such as loss of cognitive ability, dementia, depression and anxiety. He serves those who are business owners needing to “pass the torch” but have difficulty giving up power. He does psychological testing to determine whether a person has capacity to make financial decisions.   He advises those who have difficult elders about how to approach the problematic behavior.

Together with Carolyn Rosenblatt, his wife, he serves as a mediator of family conflicts.   They formed their first consulting practice, AgingParents.com in 2007. They provide advice and strategies to families who struggle with their elders on a variety of issues such as caregiving, sibling arguments, when and where the aging family member needs additional help and financial decisions.

Carolyn Rosenblatt is a Registered Nurse with 10 years of working directly with patients, many of them elderly.  Her second career was practicing law representing injured individuals, which she did for 27 years.  She retired from litigation to become a consultant and mediator at AgingParents.com. Working together, she and Dr.Davis have served many families in conflict to work out agreements.

In the course of advising families about the problems of getting older, both she and Dr. Davis became aware of the information gap in the financial services field. Many advisors did not seem to understand or recognize what cognitively impaired clients needed. The advisors had no clear policy for how to manage a senior who seemed to be developing memory problems.  Worse yet, no one seemed aware of how to protect aging investors from making their own dangerous financial decisions.  Privacy concerns blinded advisors to the possibilities of developing new, compliant senior-specifc programs to help both themselves and their clients with dementia or other cognitive impairments.


AgingInvestor.com grew from the observations and concerns about that information gap.  They researched the industry well, looked at what regulators wanted financial service professionals to do about aging clients and set to work developing educational materials.  Their efforts evolved into programs for industry professionals to develop senior-specific special policies.  They also created extensive educational materials for financial services folks to learn about aging, cognitive impairment, avoiding prosecution, and intergenerational wealth transfers.

Their mission is to prevent financial abuse of seniors and mistakes by professionals.  Professionals will be better equipped to prevent their own from taking advantage of seniors if their colleagues, firms and organizations have a clear direction and clear, uniform message about what to do. Mikol and Carolyn want financial services professionals to be clear about a course of action when age-related cognitive impairment affects financial decisions.  They offer their expertise, policy development assistance and training to the industry.


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