The Family Security Planner

The Family Security PlannerThe Family Security Planner is a package of helpful sample forms for aging individuals. Unfortunately, we have found that most people do not have a healthcare directive and a durable power of attorney in place. Additionally, caregivers don’t have all of the important information they need, particularly if the loved one has dementia or memory loss.

We hope that this planner will help you begin important discussions with your aging loved ones’, and that you will be able to get the included legal forms signed and notarized. This planner can help you be ready, regardless of what may happen, with critical legal documents in place and the right information at hand.

What is in the Family Security Planner?

  • A basic Durable Power of Attorney form that would be recognized in any state.
  • An Advance Health Care Directive form, also called a Power of Attorney for Healthcare.
  • Physician’s Orders For Life Sustaining Treatment. This form is recognized in at least 30 states. It can protect your loved ones from unnecessary and futile treatment if they do not wish to be kept alive artificially. It reflects a conversation that should take place between your elderly parents and their doctor(s) about what they want at end of life. The form must be signed by the doctor, and it becomes a permanent part of the person’s medical record.
  • A Personal Information Log, where you can record important information, such as social security number, doctors names and phone numbers, contact info for neighbors and other important data.
  • Getting Organized will help you record the location of important documents.
  • A Checklist of Assets.
  • Personal Care Plan.
  • A Medication Record.
  • A Location of Financial Records form.
  • Many other helpful forms and documents.

We know that you could search around and find some of these forms online, but our The Family Security Planner will save you valuable time. Everything you need is right here in one place. The organizational forms are exclusively ours. They were developed after much thought and expert input to help ensure that caregivers have everything they need close at hand. This $20 Planner is just a CLICK away to get it now on your computer.

The Family Guide to Aging Parents

unnamedAnswers to your legal, financial, and healthcare questions.

 “The Family Guide to Aging Parents is a helpful and practical resource for family   caregivers and professionals. Written by an experienced geriatric nurse and elder-law attorney, it offers useful health care and legal information and I recommend it for students, professionals and the many families grappling with these challenging issues.”

— Gary Small, M.D., Author, Professor of Psychiatry and Aging, Director of the Longevity Center at UCLA 

Carolyn Rosenblatt wrote this book after seeing so many families in so much pain because they simply had no one to tell them their legal rights and responsibilities with aging parents or what to do with difficult parents. If you don’t have anyone trustworthy to explain your rights and duties to you in a simple, easy to understand way, this book is for you. If are worried about family fights about care of aging parents, money and sharing the burden, the valuable information contained in this book is required for anyone who wants to free themselves from these stresses. And you will feel totally calm, relaxed and confident about what lies ahead, knowing that you have the crucial knowledge you need to handle difficult situations with aging parents.


  • Being able to competently choose a home care worker, assisted living, or nursing home, knowing he pros and cons
  • Being able to find just the right words to approach your aging parents with the conversations you need about finances
  • Knowing how talk to your aging loved ones about giving up driving when the time comes
  • Being able to plan ahead for an aging parent who is running out of money and taking advantage of all benefits available to them
  • Understanding how to get past your aging parents’ resistance about getting help, using a successful approach
  • Knowing how to best protect your aging loved ones from financial predators

Carolyn Rosenblatt has written a crucial guidebook for the millions of Americans who are dealing with the unfamiliar challenge of helping aging parents live safely and with dignity.”

Janet Novack
Personal Finance Editor & Washington Bureau Chief
Forbes Media

Carolyn L. Rosenblatt, RN, Attorney, Mediator personally cared for thousands of older clients in her nursing career. She represented hundreds of individuals as a lawyer with a combined forty-five years in her professions. Her compassionate perspective on elders informs her writing throughout this book. She is a strong promoter of the safety, protection, and quality of life of seniors. She wants the reader to get immediate benefit from the lessons learned over the years in working with many families at, which she founded with her psychologist husband, Dr. Mikol Davis. They also founded, for education about elder abuse prevention.

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