•                       Attention Financial Professionals!
    If there were ever a daunting prospect, it's figuring out how to talk to an impaired client about being impaired.  Awkward, right?  Learn from a geriatric psychologist's wisdom about best ways to approach this and have that necessary talk with the client. Diminished capacity is not to be ignored!  If you don't want to lose the client, get some best ways to manage the conversations you need to have.  It's you best shot at keeping that client with the help of his proxy.
  • We use videos, examples of the right words and tell you all about what the proxy  must have if that person is going to help your client and help YOU keep the impaired client.  You can retain your impaired clients if you know what to do and you're well prepared for this problem.
  • In this one hour couse you will learn to:
  • 1.  Accommodate a client who has physical as well as mental impairments that are barriers to communication.
  • 2.  Use the right words when it's time to approach a client with memory loss about getting a third party involved in financial decisions.
  • 3.  Manage client resistance when you raise these difficult subjects
  • 4.  Use proven success techniques for any difficult conversation with your client about diminished capacity.