“What You Can Do About Financial Elder Abuse”

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Summary of course:

Financial abuse of elders has been called the crime of the century. A recent study shows that it costs seniors over $36B per year in the US. Every hand is needed to prevent and stop this crime of opportunity, including the help of financial professionals. We review the nine domains of financial capacity and describe the seven warning signs that your client may be a victim of financial abuse. We suggest ways that a senior-specific policy can offer advisors a clear path to follow when client conduct puts you on notice of a diminished capacity problem. We show you “hero stories” of financial professionals who took action and did stop abuse.

Learning objectives:
  1. To improve your understanding of the enormity of the problem of financial elder abuse in the US.
  2. To help you understand the legal options that exist to address elder abuse, both in criminal and civil venues.
  3. To improve your understanding of how diminished capacity for financial decisions leads to vulnerability to abuse by predators.
  4. To provide a clear understanding of the seven warning signs of financial abuse.
  5. To provide you with an action plan that so you can take protective action for your clients who appear to be at risk.

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