“Regulatory Changes Advisors Must Face With Your Aging Clients”

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Summary of course:

Update on what the SEC, FINRA an NASAA have in mind for financial professionals across the country in how they do business with clients over age 65. Review of the research these agencies have done, Model Rules regulators have created and what exemplary things they found firms and organizations doing for aging clients. They all want financial professionals to be more protective of aging investors. They envision mandates for reporting financial abuse of elders will and expand mandates into other areas. This course highlights areas regulators expect advisors to address, such as training in senior issues and increased communication with aging clients. It provides specifics on how to get ready for what the regulators want so that you will not have to scramble to comply with mandates.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the regulators’ concept of a “senior program” and how you can create one.
  2. Know the Model Rules about financial abuse the regulators have already publicly posted.
  3. Know what other firms across the US are doing about aging investors that you should be doing too.
  4. Know what action steps you can and should take now to be ready for mandates.

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