“Improving Intergenerational Wealth Transfers”

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Summary of course:

It’s pretty well known that intergenerational wealth transfers fail about 70% of the time. What makes the other 30% successful?  If you’d like to learn how you can help your client be part of one of the successful families, you’ll need to understand the critical parts of success and how to achieve them.  Communication is one of the things we talk about in this course. Who better to advise us than an experienced psychologist who has worked with families for over 40 years?  Dr. Davis has given us great information to help ease your way and give you confidence in creating a path to a wealth transfer that works well.

Learning objectives:
  1. Facilitate advisor-led intergenerational communication.
  2. Improve retention of managed assets by establishing relationships with client’s heirs.
  3. Increase communication skills to build new client base of aging client’s heirs.
  4. Implement specific, established and successful communication techniques.
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