“Best Practices For Success With Family Meetings”

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The family meeting is the bedrock of a successful intergenerational wealth transfer.  But how does the financial professional conduct these? What are the right ways and wrong ways to go about it?
If you want to learn a process, the kind of team you need and the best ways to have family meetings with your client and his heirs, you need this course. We will give you specific pointers on how to get started, how to deal with problematic family issues and how to bring in the best experts to help you. We cover a lot in an hour, so be ready to learn. You’ll come away a lot wiser about establishing a great relationship with your client and those who will inherit his assets.
Summary of course:

Family meetings are the bedrock of successful intergenerational wealth transfers.  In this course you will learn how to help your client develop a family mission statement, and how to create an atmosphere of learning for any willing heirs who will take over responsibility for a family’s assets.  There may be many different kinds of assets a high net worth family has.  Heirs can’t keep control over those different assets without excellent preparation.  We show you how to get that preparation in place and how to make sure it works.  We also teach you about the warning signs of a family that is too dysfunctional for you to be able to help with wealth transfer.  Your understanding and confidence in handling a family meeting will grow by leaps and bounds with this course.

Learning objectives:
  1. To improve your understanding of how wealth transfers fail and how to change this
  2. To enhance your ability to facilitate communication about transfer of wealth in families
  3. To improve your ability to retain management of assets held by aging investors that they intend to pass to their heirs
  4. To increase communication skills for developing trust between yourself, your client and her heirs

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