“Best Practices For Communication Challenges With Senior Investors”

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Summary of course:

Aging clients present many challenges for their financial advisors. There are physical changes in hearing, vision and mobility as well as memory issues. This course shows the advisor how to accommodate for the changes that normally accompany aging so they can best serve older clients. It also offers strategies to address changes that are not normal, such as cognitive decline and loss of capacity for financial decisions. Talking to clients about these is likely to be uncomfortable. With the expertise of the psychologist who helped author this course, conversation scripts are offered on how to bring up and talk about delicate subjects tactfully. We illustrate advisor-client dialog with videos and demonstrate the best ways to talk to a client about giving up decision-making authority when impairment sets in.

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify ways to accommodate a client who has physical impairments that are barriers to advisor-client communication.
  2. Plan and know how to rehearse the words to use when it is time to approach a client with memory loss about getting a third party involved in financial decisions.
  3. Manage client resistance to discussing these difficult subjects.
  4. Use basic rules of communication that are proven success techniques to approach any difficult conversation with your client.

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